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Steering Cables

Steering Cables are cables that allow power steering in vehicles. They are strong thick wire as they are usually under heavy use everyday. Power steering is assists the driver of an automobile in steering by directing a portion of the vehicle's power to traverse the axis of one or more of the roadwheels. As vehicles have become heavier and switched to front wheel drive, particularly using negative offset geometry, along with increases in tyre width and diameter, the effort needed to turn the steering wheel manually has increased often to the point where major physical exertion is required. To alleviate this, auto makers have developed power steering systems: or more correctly power assisted steering - on road going vehicles there has to be a mechanical linkage as a fail safe. There are two types of power steering systems hydraulic and electric/electronic. A hydraulic-electric hybrid system is also possible.D & A Steering Ltd is a reliable that sells different parts of the steering components that are needed. At competitive prices, we offer a professional service and fast delivery to vehicle manufacturers, motor factors, fleets, and owner drivers both here in the UK and elsewhere. We carry a vast range in stock, on the shelf and ready to go, reducing downtime for our customers. Our company is based in the county of the West Midlands in Birmingham. Birmingham is a big city that has great transport links so it is easily accessible. The train and road links are excellent so whichever way you travel you can get here quickly and easy. Manual and power steering units can be supplied on a fully reconditioned exchange basis, or on a repair basis and are thoroughly tested. We have unrivalled knowledge and experience of car power steering pumps. We appreciate the needs of customers in getting their vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

D & A Steering Ltd welcome any questions that you have about our Steering Cables or if you want to require information about your order or place one. If you do have any enquiries or request any information about products that we sell then you can get in contact with us by calling on 0121 5238444 or you can fax us on 0121 5238136. We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.